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Unity Archives, formerly the Unity Library and Archives, has one of the largest collections of Unity and New Thought material in the world. The publications, periodicals, digital, audiovisual, and artifacts collections form the most comprehensive resources available about the Unity movement—creating a vital link between our past and future.

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Treasures of the Archives

Posts on social media as well as the website will feature an in-depth look at pieces from the history of Unity.

Making something of yourself, Work and the Success Syndrome, Spiritual Economics, Rev. Eric Butterworth

The spiritual economics of getting into the flow of divinity—and your prosperity

When Jesus says, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32 KJV), he implies that our bondage in life is caused by our acceptance of erroneous beliefs. A Greek philosopher...

Unity School of Christianity – “The object of this school is the redemption of the human race.”

Mistakes, Apologies, and Actions Through the Years

This article was edited by Rev. Ellen Debenport with contributions from CEO Jim Blake, UWH board members Revs. Sandra Campbell and Charline Manuel, and diversity officer Alexandra Scott....

what are the lessons of Holy Week, The week that changed the world, Divine destiny, how to live on purpose, lessons of Holy Week, Ernest C. Wilson

What is the role and meaning of our divine destiny? The lessons of Holy Week help us better understand our true purpose

“The hour has come,” and “for this purpose I have come to this hour,” said Jesus.

The connotation is depressing if we think only of...