July/August 2021

Table of Contents

Sage & Savvy Voices:
How to Get Lucky

By Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Luck isn’t magic, it’s a state of mind—one you can cultivate. The first step, this expert says, is simply making the choice that you’re going to be one of those lucky people. Then stand back and watch it happen!

How to Cultivate Discernment

By Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley

Bombarded with spiritual books, videos, and seminars? Determining which offerings to choose and which ones to snooze isn’t always easy. Try these three helpful tools, including using your own body as a barometer.

Sacred Journeys:
Buried Treasure

By Catherine Ann Lombard

We all can use a Signora Maria in our lives—an expert guide through dark and sometimes difficult terrain who knows how to discern what’s truly a gourmet find and what’s just funky funghi.

Listening in with … Seane Corn:
Yoga’s Alchemical Power

By Katy Koontz

Resist the spiritual bypass temptation, this acclaimed yogini urges. By staying present with our emotions and exploring what scares us the most, we emerge not only stronger than ever, but also truly transformed. Oh, and don’t sweat karma—it’s just opportunity in disguise.

Divine Disruption

By Rev. Ogun Holder

Not all of us want our post-pandemic lives to return to normal. Nor should we, says this Unity minister. He suggests we see these challenging times as an opportunity to reevaluate what works and what doesn’t, both personally and professionally.

Skating Toward Healing

By Amy Paturel

Ice-skating as a tween gave this woman a cherished feeling of freedom—and a special closeness with the father who cheered her on. Decades later, her return to the ice brought the freedom—and the love—flooding right back.

Gratitude Is Good for You

By Jay Shetty

A former Buddhist monk outlines lessons he learned in the ashram about how to cultivate more gratitude—along with some scientific evidence showing why this practice benefits your mind and body as well as your spirit.

Unity Masters:
Rev. Mary Louise Kupferle

By Rev. Thomas W. Shepherd, D.Min.

This Unity minister joined the movement at age 19. Known for her prolific writings, she summed up her most important teaching in her nearly 70 years with Unity in the title of her first book, God Never Fails.