May/June 2021

Table of Contents

Sage & Savvy Voices:
The Power of Positive Messages

By Bernie Siegel, M.D.

A pioneer in mind-body medicine explains that our bodies believe precisely what we tell them—and then behave accordingly. Adopting a positive perspective, he insists, is incredibly powerful medicine.

Endless Supply

By Noelle Sterne, Ph.D.

When we connect with Source, both in asking with faith for what we need and then taking action so we can receive what’s given, miracles happen. Such “manna from heaven” is in truth more of an inside job.

Found in the Lost Valley

By Michael Schauch

An adventurer finds the sacred gates to the ancient Himalayan village of Phu are more than an entry to this city built by hand of earth and stone, unchanged over the centuries. They’re also a portal into his own heart.

Listening in with … Alberto Villoldo:
Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom

By Katy Koontz

Modern science is just catching up to the truths indigenous healers have known since ancient times, says this expert, whose work bridges both worlds. All disease stems from our disconnection from nature, he teaches—as the health of the earth goes, so goes our own.

GPS for the Soul

By Rev. Robert Brumet

Sometimes we need spiritual support, and sometimes we need someone who will hold us accountable. Spiritual directors can do both, serving as a spiritual mentor or companion who helps us hear our own inner guidance.

Mom’s Last Lesson

By Barbara Bowen

When her elderly mother kept retelling the same old childhood story, this caregiving daughter found her patience wearing thin. After her mother’s transition, however, she found new meaning in the tale.

For a Reason, For a Season, or For a Lifetime

By Karen Brailsford

Friends come and friends go, but if we’re open to asking ourselves some hard questions (and answering them honestly), we can learn from the experience. Relationship pain can then turn into spiritual gain.

The Spiritual Two-Step

By Philip Goldberg

This longtime spiritual seeker began his path decades ago by going within and staying put. He’s now convinced that to truly change the world—and more fully transform ourselves—we must also actively serve others.