November/December 2021

Table of Contents

Sage & Savvy Voices:
Return to Whistle Stop

By Fannie Flagg

This New York Times best-selling author says that when she writes, her goal is to get out of her own way and allow Spirit to speak through her. She credits Unity teachings and Daily Word for shaping her spiritual journey.

This Is How You Pray

By Karen Brailsford

Being judged about her faith by one of her longtime heroes causes a New Thought teacher and writer to panic and suddenly wonder, What if I’m wrong? At least until the booming voice of the Divine sets her straight.

Let Go and Let God

By Rev. Maggy Whitehouse

The story of Hannah teaches that whatever we so frantically want to hold on to is often the very thing that prevents our joy. The solution to this paradox? Let go of what we want so badly, and trust.

Listening in with … Gregg Braden:
The Science Behind Affirmative Prayer

By Katy Koontz

Affirmative prayer doesn’t work by changing the outside world, explains this expert in mind-body science. As the ancients knew and scientists can now demonstrate, it changes our inner world so we can participate in the creation of what we’re praying for.

Quit the Blame Game

By Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett and Alicia Whitsett

The Law of Attraction is powerful, but often misunderstood. In this excerpt from their new book, a mother-daughter duo steeped in Unity explain the law’s subtleties—and advise how to avoid committing “metaphysical malpractice.”

Keeping Mysticism at Bay

By Anne Bernard Becker

Fear of ridicule and of how her life might change should she welcome the mystical kept this woman from truly embracing personal experiences of the Divine. Finally, she says, she just might be ready to go for it.

Lost in Translation

By Philip Goldberg

Westerners often borrow from Eastern spiritual teachings when they contemplate how the Divine works. The trouble is that we often get it just a tad wrong—sometimes with major consequences. Here, an interfaith minister gently corrects our course.

Unity Masters: Rev. Edward Rabel

By Rev. Thomas W. Shepherd, D.Min.

This Unity minister and popular ministerial school instructor went to his first Unity service as a Christmas gift to his mother. His most enduring legacy was of his impassioned teaching, mostly on the Bible and the 12 powers.