Message of Hope Unity Outreach Program

Spiritual Resources in Action

The Message of Hope outreach program puts the feet to prayers message in action. The mission of the program is to share the assurance of God's love and grace by reaching those in need with free, nondenominational spiritual materials.

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Who We Serve

Every year Unity serves thousands of people, offering them spiritual materials in three languages at no cost.

Spiritual Materials Offered

Unity creates—and you deliver—uplifting, affirmative support materials in English and Spanish. These materials bring hope and spiritual healing to patients, families, caregivers, the incarcerated, and anyone facing financial hardship.

Message of Hope serves the blind, offering free spiritual resources in braille, on CD, in digital format, and in an online electronic braille library.

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Health Care Organizations
For both caregivers and those who receive care, Unity offers calm assurance by supporting hospitals, cancer centers, doctors’ offices, women’s shelters, 12-step recovery groups, and hospice centers.

Correctional Facilities, Prisons, Halfway Houses
Many of those who are incarcerated need recovery, connection, and spiritual engagement.
Unity provides hope and healing.

Individuals in Financial Need
Spiritual support is crucial to anyone in financial hardship—those who may be overlooked as they struggle to put food on the table. A one-year subscription to Daily Word® or La Palabra Diaria® is available for those eligible.

Individuals with Visual Impairments
Unity offers spiritual resources in accessible formats for those with visual impairments with Daily Word in Braille and La Palabra Diaria available in audio, and more.

How Can You Help Deliver a Message of Hope?

If you are a chaplain, organizational resource, or volunteer, you can deliver a Message of Hope to your community. It’s easy.

Contact the Message of Hope Team to request spiritual materials that will inspire hope and healing in those you serve. Please note: There will be a short application process.

Support Message of Hope

Funded solely by donations, Message of Hope is a cornerstone of the Unity mission, vision, and values to serve our communities.

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